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It's nighttime at the lab and a group of people are breaking in. We saw some of these faces in the picket line earlier that same day. Somebody whispers, "Just start grabbing as many fish as you can get."

They put the fish in buckets they are carrying. We see Dory get scooped up and placed in one of the buckets.

Next, we see the burglars by the harbor. One person from the group yells, "Just get them in the water as quickly as possible."


They start dumping the buckets out. We see Dory get dumped, we follow her fall. Clunk! She hits her head on the Syndney Municipal water pipe.
The other fish from the lab swim away as quickly as possible. We hear, "Yea! We're free!"

Dory yells, "Hey, where's everybody going?"

Another fish says, "Hey Bluey, you don't want to go back to the lab, just keep swimming!" They all start saying it, singing it.


The fish break out into a musical number called "Just Keep Swimming"

When the song ends Dory keeps chanting..."just keep swimming, just keep swimming...He's right, I don't want to go back to that lab!"
"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...lab? What's a lab?"

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