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Dory tells Coral that she doesn't remember who she was looking for. Coral asks her what she does remember.
Dory: "I remember NEMO."

Coral: "NEMO?"

Dory: "Yes NEMO....they're fish huggers!"

Coral: "Well, that sounds like a lovely thing to be....Nemo....hmmmmm....it has a nice sound to it. I like it."

Coral explains to Dory that she is out looking for a home for her new family. Coral is a newlywed. She plans to lay eggs as soon as she and her husband, Marlin, find a place to live. Dory asks what kind of home they are looking for. Coral explains that she is a clownfish and that clownfish live in anemones.

Dory likes the way the word anemone sounds and repeats it several times in different tones and pitches.

Coral explains that an anemone is a very safe home. Dory decides she would like a safe home, maybe she could live in an anemone like a clownfish. Coral tells her, "There's one right over there. It is too small for me and my new family, but it's the perfect size for one fish."


Dory goes over to the anemone. Swims around it, inspecting it and then decides to go in. She quickly gets zapped. As she is recovering from her shocking experience, Marlin swims up to Coral and tells her he has found the perfect piece of prime real estate right near the drop off.

Coral swims towards Dory, leaving Marlin in the distance and calls to her, "It was nice meeting you! I hope you find whoever it is you were looking for!"


Dory says, "Oh look at that pretty orange fish...I wonder who she's talking to?"

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