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Bonus Features
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Exclusive short movie Fish Hook In The Lip, How Coral Met Marlin
Discover how Coral met Marlin in this heartwarming short movie!


Racing With Chum
Be part of an exciting race with Chum as you glide through the sea in a thrilling race to the finish. Will you beat Chum?


Explore The Sea With Gill
The sea is beautiful and the wonders are numerous! Gill is just the fish to show you everything the sea has to offer us! See the wonders and learn how we can help preserve the ocean, all with Gill!


Story Time With Ziggy
All young and young at heart will delight at the stories that Ziggy, the sea turtle can tell of his adventures in the sea.


Escape With NEMO
Help NEMO organization release the fish from the tanks in the experimental lab! How many fish can you catch to fill your bucket? Hurry, before time runs out!

Exclusive interview with WPASADI’s Jane Doe, screenplay writer.
She will tell you the inspiration for Finding Dory and how she came to discover herself during the 2006/2007 WPASADI games. Also meet her co-writers and all the people who made Finding Dory possible.

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